Why is NASA.gov shut down while CIA.gov is still open?


“It’s that you need people to run them,” a former White House budget official says. In a shutdown, non-essential personnel are sent home, and that includes IT employees. In other cases, websites are managed by outside contractors who can’t get paid without Congressional approval, so those sites, too, go dark.

Basically, until Congressional funding is restored, it is illegal to do anything that would give someone an excuse to ask the government for money when it re-opens—and that includes hosting fees and electricity bills. And the varied responses underscore how confusing and messy…

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  1. BECAUSE THE CIA is a “PRIVATE” “AGENCY” for hire. IT IS NOT PART OF THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Yes it’s a “Government Agency” Yes, the President of the U.S. chooses who will head the CIA__That has nothing to do with it being a Private Company for Hire__LOOK UP:
    “AGENCY LAW” http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/agency http://www.law.cornell.edu/search/wexnolo/OPERATIVE
    Central Intelligence Agency. An independent U.S. government agency that collects information about foreign countries, organizations, and individuals. The agency is also tasked with staging covert operations and other activities designed to achieve political goals abroad.
    **THERE’S MORE TO IT, 1st read a lot of those Definitions, THEN KNOW THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: U.S. __ United States of America __ THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA __ Washington, D.C. which is The District of Columbia (*Legally – Under Law it’s not apart of what We all are supposed to believe is the United States)

  2. Basic government, while hard to define in its full role or duty other than to protect Life, Liberty, and Property other than the individual is, at minimum, the process of the Courts, a County Sheriff, Prosecutor, etc. at the lower levels, and the Constitutionally mandated branches of government with their respective functions. ( make sure you know what Constitutionally mandated branches of government are, because the Department of Interior, the FDA, CIA, FBI, USFS, USFWS, NSA, DARPA, BATF, BLM, etc., etc., are not included in that legal defintion. And never shall be, those agencies are illegal, they are not Constitutionally mandated branches of government, and in fact neither is the U.N.) http://thirdlensmedia.com/candidconservatives/status-and-jurisdiction/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quasi-contract

  3. Snepp v. US, 1980

    Facts: Snepp, a CIA employee, violated his agreement not to publish anything about the CIA without prior approval from the agency. After he published a book, the CIA sought to enforce the agreement via enjoining future breach, and also sought $60,000 in constructive trust.

    Notes: General proposition is that only expectation damages are given. Here, the court departs from this and allows restitution damages. Courts will also often do this in Trust cases.

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