New Live Action Undercover Video: Institutional Dangerous Sex Promotion at Planned Parenthood

sex-ed-expose A new undercover video from Live Action shows Planned Parenthood counselors showing questionable and even dangerous judgment on how to advise minors on sexual matters. The release is a combination of new Live Action investigative footage, videos, and screenshots… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: We look into the dangerous philosophy that has crept into our modern society…


Alabama Truth Radio News Live December 18th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live: We look into the dangerous philosophy that has crept into our modern society through the ideas of evolution and the denying the Creator. Could ideas like communism,… Continue Reading

Lies Used to support the Evolution Religion with Dr. Kent Hovind


Dr. Kent Hovind Dr. Hovind shows how public school textbooks are permeated with fraudulent information in order to convince students that evolution is true. Lies in the Textbooks is a must-see for every public school student, teacher, parent and… Continue Reading

Chris Christie declares war on Libertarians


Justin Raimondo Asked about the national debate unleashed by the Snowden revelations, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie declared war on libertarians: “As a former prosecutor who was appointed by President George W. Bush on Sept. 10, 2001, I just… Continue Reading

Student abandoned in prison cell gets $4.1m payout


Associated Press in San Diego A 25-year-old college student has reached a US$4.1m settlement with the US government after he was abandoned in a windowless cell for more than four days without food or water. Daniel Chong told how… Continue Reading



by Jon Rappoport October 11, 2012 It’s the latest thing. Psychiatrists are now giving children in poor neighborhoods Adderall, a dangerous stimulant, by making false diagnoses of ADHD, or no diagnoses at all. Their aim? To “promote social justice,”… Continue Reading

ATR News 5/17/12 Stoping Out of Control Science, US plans secret killing of the internet, PLUS more coverage of tyranny and global enslavement!

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Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast May 17th, 2012 Tonight JB is back with a power packed hour and a half super show! After recovering from being sick yesterday we hit you twice as hard with the news! A new info-graphic… Continue Reading

Iraq falling back into ‘authoritarianism’: Human Rights Watch

 “Despite US government assurances that it helped create a stable democracy, the reality is that it left behind a budding police state.” Iraq is falling back into authoritarianism and headed towards becoming a police state, despite US claims that it… Continue Reading