March Against Monsanto May 25th Alabama Locations


This weekend on the 25th of May all across the globe there will be a March Against Monsanto! Protests are being held from Argentina to Alabama, and locales in Alabama have been set.


Please make sure to RSVP to your local March Against Monsanto and invite all of your local friends at the link below. We are making history here, but every single invite and extra person that comes out will make the difference! We now have over 400 events in over 45 countries setup. Our website is averaging over 40,000 visitors a day and our Facebook page, March Against Monstanto, has reached over 10,000,000 people in the last 7 days. Get your RSVP and invites sent, we only have 4 days left.

Alabama Rally Points

Organized by- SI Reasoning-

Organized by- Deanna Look Guest-

Organized by- Carolyn Johnson Anastasio-

For more information please visit March Against Monsanto

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