ATR News Live Broadcast! 2/1/12

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast February 1st, 2012

Tonight we lost connection again, but we’re in process to recover the 1st half of the show. The latter half talks about internet censorship, Russians want Putin gone, OWS disrespecting fellow protesters, Mitt Romney said he “doesn’t care about the very poor”, plus more!

Stories in tonight’s show:

Gingrich sued over use of “Rocky III” theme song

Downloading Empowerment: Application Gives Citizens Control Over Crime

US Intel Director Prepares Public for False Flag Event

Hawaii Lawmaker Acknowledges Defeat On Bill To Monitor All Web Users

‘Putin leave’ banner put up opposite Kremlin

Occupiers Disrupt Pro-Life Event by Dumping Condoms on Catholic School Girls

Did Mitt Romney Really Say He‘s ’Not Concerned About the Very Poor’?

Teens Brutally Attack Michigan Teen and Post Video on Facebook

Erin Brockovich To Investigate Mystery Illness At Le Roy High School

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