ATR News Live Broadcast 1/25/12 The GOP wants national healthcare? UAVs coming to a sky near you! Oklahoma fights against fetal tissue in food and more!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast January 25th, 2012

Tonight you host JB takes you through the headlines. The GOP wants national healthcare? The military will soon be using drones over a city near you! Midfield school up for grabs by the state, Obama’s lie list, Oklahoma fights back against fetal tissue used in food research and we look at Ron Paul’s plan for a zero percent tax rate!

Stories in tonight’s show:

GOP prepares bill to replace Obama’s Supreme Court-bound healthcare law

Domestic Use of Drones is Well Underway

Midfield Schools facing possible state takeover

A List Of All Obama Lies With Links…..You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Aborted Fetal Tissue Used to Test New Food Additives

Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma State Senator, Introduces Bill Banning Aborted Fetuses In Food

Ron Paul’s 0% Tax Proposal Would Create Most Jobs “In History of the World”

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