Insane New Computer Virus “badBIOS,” jumps airgaps and spreads through contact


ARS Technica […]the infections have persisted, almost like a strain of bacteria that’s able to survive extreme antibiotic therapies. Within hours or weeks of wiping an infected computer clean, the odd behavior would return. The most visible sign of contamination… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST ATR News Live! Tonight: Navy Yard Shooter Confirmed on Drugs, Military Control of Airwaves, Engineered Viruses and More


Alabama Truth Radio News Live September 24th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live: The DC Naval Yard shooter is confirmed to be taking psychiatric medication, The War on Christianity continues into the Philippines, Viruses are being engineered to re-wire your… Continue Reading

Virus Engineered to Destroy Normal Brain Function to be used a Cocaine “Vaccine”


CBS New York […]The trouble is cocaine is such a small molecule that the immune system doesn’t respond to it as it would against bacteria or viruses, Dr. Gomez reported. So Dr. Crystal, the chairman of Genetic Medicine at Weill-Cornell… Continue Reading

Snowden confirms NSA created Stuxnet with Israeli aid

Edward-Snowden-Reuters The Stuxnet virus that decimated Iranian nuclear facilities was created by the NSA and co-written by Israel, Edward Snowden has confirmed. The whistleblower added the NSA has a web of foreign partners who pay “marginal attention to human rights.”… Continue Reading

ATR News 6/12/12 Flame, the new Stuxnet, Alternative Cancer Cures, Eurzone Collapse, Google and Apple Your Big Bros. PLUS The Pyramid Arena… A Bass Pro Shop?


Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast June 12th, 2012 Tonight on ATR News, JB is back with all the top headlines. A new Stuxnet-like virus found called Flame… who’s to blame? New breakthroughs in the fight against cancer! Spain is in… Continue Reading