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Alabama Truth Radio News Live November 4th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live: What is China doing? China moves spy ships in Pacific waters, A new computer virus that infects your BIOS can jump air-gaps, Fireball spotted over Pacific Northwest,… Continue Reading

Insane New Computer Virus “badBIOS,” jumps airgaps and spreads through contact


ARS Technica […]the infections have persisted, almost like a strain of bacteria that’s able to survive extreme antibiotic therapies. Within hours or weeks of wiping an infected computer clean, the odd behavior would return. The most visible sign of contamination… Continue Reading

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Alabama Truth Radio News Broadcast July 22nd, 2013 Join us right here on alabamatruth.com for ATR News Live! Tonight your host JB takes you through more developments on domestic spying, new hazards to your health, and the story of at… Continue Reading

The Malware That Can Spy on You through Your Own Smartphone


By Daniel G.J. Story Leak Gamma markets Finfisher as an “IT intrusion” software; that’s a polite term for hacking. The scary thing about Finfisher is that a variant of it called FinSpy can actually take over smartphones, including both iPhones… Continue Reading