Oil well leaking into Gulf of Mexico, 4-mile-wide visible sheen, Coast Guard says


Alex Walsh AL.com The Coast Guard says it is responding to a “loss of well control event” at an oil and gas platform 74 miles southwest of Port Fourchon, La., in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Fuel Fix, an… Continue Reading

Antediluvian Underwater Forest Discovered off coast of Alabama


Tia Ghose livescience.com Scuba divers have discovered a primeval underwater forest off the coast of Alabama. The Bald Cypress forest was buried under ocean sediments, protected in an oxygen-free environment for more than 50,000 years, but was likely uncovered by… Continue Reading

Ecosystem Breakdown? Spike in Aquatic Animal Deaths Hit US


April 7, 2013 Jeremy Smith AlabamaTruth.com   “Unusual Mortality Event” Involving Sea Lion Pups in California In the past  few weeks, the Southland Beaches of California have been subject to a barrage of baby sea lions that are mysteriously stranding… Continue Reading

ATR News 1/31/12 Second Segment Recovered!! Tune In Now!

Alabama Truth Radio Part 2 of January 31st, 2012 Thanks to the friendly staff at spreaker we were able to recover our second segment from last night! Stories in the second segment: Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Judge says BP… Continue Reading