Oil well leaking into Gulf of Mexico, 4-mile-wide visible sheen, Coast Guard says


Alex Walsh AL.com The Coast Guard says it is responding to a “loss of well control event” at an oil and gas platform 74 miles southwest of Port Fourchon, La., in the Gulf of Mexico. According to Fuel Fix, an… Continue Reading

ATR News 4/12/12 Georgia tyrants cost local chicken farmer his life and China develops Cow-Human hybrids and MORE!

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast April 12th, 2012 On tonight’s show JB takes us through the headlines. First up we cover a wonderful write up from our friends at AlternativeMentality.org involving the true enemy and power structure. Next we cover… Continue Reading

The Real Terrorists, Government Tyrants: City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens

Ethan A. Huff Natural News Tuesday, April 10, 2012 An innocent man who had legally been raising a few dozen chickens and other small birds in the backyard of his suburban Atlanta home is now dead, following a crusade of… Continue Reading

ATR News Live Broadcast 3/1/12 RIP Andrew Breitbart, Goodbye bankers, +More!

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast March 1st, 2012 Tonight JB goes over the tragic death of Andrew Breitbart, the massive wave of bankers resigning from high positions, an Alabama woman runs her granddaughter to death, an appeals court hears the… Continue Reading

ATR News Live Broadcast: 1/26/12 The FBI’s a watching you, California pushes back against GMOs, The Fed wants to quanitive ease, ACTA is signed, and more!

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast January 26th, 2012 Tonight JB takes you through the headlines! The FBI wants to spy on your tweets, Cali is pushing for GMO labels, The Fed wants to fire up the printing presses, Georgia stands… Continue Reading

1-23-2012 ATR News: Good News Monday

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast January 23rd, 2012       On Monday night’s show your host JB takes you through the good news headlines! Good News Monday is a weekly feature coined to feature current events that are of… Continue Reading

Breaking: Georgia Judge Denies Obama’s Motion to Quash Subpoenas

GEORGIA BALLOT CHALLENGE WILL PROCEED WITH DISCOVERY by Sharon Rondeau The Post and Email Judge Michael Malihi has denied a Motion to Quash Subpoenas submitted by Barack Hussein Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski (Jan. 20, 2012) — 11:45 a.m., ET –… Continue Reading