Harvard: Fluoride Can Increase Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder


Washington’s Blog We reported last month that a Harvard study found that fluoride can lower children’s IQ by 7 points, and that numerous government reports have shown that fluoride can injure the brain and neurological system. Now, one of the world’s most… Continue Reading

Tune in 10pm CST for ATR News LIVE! Tonight: Putin checks the Syria crisis, NSA poses as Google to snoop, Pope says God no longer needed to get to Heaven, and MORE


Alabama Truth Radio News Live September 16th, 2013 Tonight on ATR News Live: Australia begins forced fluoridation of water supplies, The Pope tells Atheists that belief in God not needed to get into Heaven, Putin’s plan to end the Syrian… Continue Reading

Forced Fluoridation of Australia: NSW Labor tables legislation which would force local authoritites to add fluoride to all water supplies


Oliver Milman theguardian.com   The New South Wales opposition has tabled legislation it says would end the “anti-fluoridation circus” by forcing local authorities to add fluoride to water supplies. NSW Labor’s bill, which would take away local authorities’ veto over… Continue Reading

Israel soon to ban “the most damaging environmental pollutant of the cold war” – Will the U.S. follow suit?


Carolanne Wright Natural News (NaturalNews) Unlike the United States, which continues to poison its population with fluoridated water, the Supreme Court of Israel has ordered the country to stop adding the toxin to all water supplies by next year. Considering… Continue Reading

Communities in India Look to Prevent Fluoride Contamination as New Studies Link Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease


By JG Vibes Intellihub.com Recently a university in India has found significant evidence showing that fluoride may cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Fluoride has been a very highly publicized topic in India lately, because there has been widespread fluoride contamination… Continue Reading

Harvard now ridiculously insists that fluoride only lowers IQ levels outside the United States


Ethan A. Huff Natural News Sept 25, 2012 Intense industry pressure to continue mass medicating Americans with fluoride chemicals via public water supplies has apparently influenced Harvard University researchers to backtrack on a recent study they conducted that verified fluoride chemicals… Continue Reading

ATR News Live Broadcast! What’s hiding in your milk might be killing you, and more!

Alabama Truth Radio Live Broadcast February 23rd, 2012 Tonight JB covers the real reason behind pasteurization, and the horrors it conceals, why is birth control an issue in the 2012 election? Families of civilians killed by drones overseas attempt to… Continue Reading

1/31/12 ATR News live broadcast! *WARNING our second segment crashed, we will cover those stories again tomorrow night*

Alabama Truth Radio Live January 31st, 2012 Tonight JB tried to cover all the stories of the day, however with only 3 mins left in the second segment, our spreaker server crashed. We will cover these stories again tomorrow, sorry… Continue Reading

ATR News Live Broadcast:Occupy DC, Mitt Romney would sign NDAA, Ron Paul clips, Dangers of fluoride and aspartame, and increased oil prices!

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