Like a Tsunami: Paul’s Support Gains Massive Steam

Jeremy Smith


The liberty movement, brought on in large part by presidential candidate Ron Paul, is much like a powerful tsunami covering long distances on it’s way to the shore. Every hour of every day, the Paul campaign picks up support and energy from people of all political and social backgrounds. Much like the sheer power of the tsunami, Ron Paul’s support only swells, unlike all of the other contenders in the race who have seen massive peaks and crashes in support.

This “liberty tsunami” was undetectable to the average American. Due to the establishment media, when they looked out at the the great ocean we call the status quo, they were only able to see calm establishment waters. Though many knew things were not looking good, they felt reassured by the calm waters, and went about their business.

The waters have now become unsettled, and Ron Paul sounded the tsunami warning to the establishment. The energy has built to a record high, and the status quo is seriously worried. The support and energy of the Ron Paul “liberty tsunami” WILL take out the establishment and begin cleansing our government of corruption.

[Ron Paul speaking to 10,000+ at UCLA (Source)]

The tsunami is coming quickly. The ideas of freedom and liberty are popular, and gaining more steam than imaginable. Remember, there is nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come, and it can not be stopped by and army or any government.


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  1. Great post! Ron Paul has had more impact on the political dynamic than any other Republican. His message is reaching out to the youth like no other, he is the one who is winning the future of our political culture though the ideas of individual liberty and Constitutional government. A lot of Republicans talk up the Constitution, but only Paul has walked the talk and understands the philosophy that can change our political culture towards freedom.

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