IRS published thousands of Social Security numbers online

End the Lie

The Internal Revenue Service mistakenly exposed as many as 2,319 Social Security numbers by posting them on the Internet, a California-based archivist discovered last week.

The IRS has already come under scrutiny for targeting conservative political groups more frequently for audits and wasting millions of dollars on luxury hotels, alcohol, parody videos and tickets to sports games. The latest allegations against the IRS serve as further embarrassment to an agency that has been under fire for months.

Archivist Carl Malamud of Bulk Resource has long requested that the IRS publicly release transaction documents of nonprofit political groups, which are known as 527s, to allow the public to monitor the spending of charities and other such organizations. The tax forms that these nonprofit groups are required to file are then added to a database, which the IRS has often sent to Malamud for release on his website,

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