Guantanamo Officials Dole Out Solitary Confinement, Beatings to Break Hunger Strike

Andrea Germanos
Common Dreams

A first-hand account from a prisoner at Guantánamo reveals the abusive tactics prison authorities are using to break the prisoners’ hunger strike.

A colonel in charge said that “Any person who continues on the hunger strike will be moved to a solitary confinement and will be removed from communal areas,” Yemeni detainee Samir Moqbel told his lawyer, Cori Crider, who works with the UK-based charity Reprieve.

When Moqbel, who’s been held at the prison for 11 years without charge or trial, refused to hand over his blanket, shoes and toothbrush to authorities as punishment for taking part in the hunger strike, he told Crider that “they brought the ERF [Emergency Reaction Force] team. They came in and hit me, and beat me. I was bleeding from my mouth.”

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