ATR News Live! Good News Monday! 2/13/12

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast February 13th, 2012

Tonight on Good news Monday JB covers the NASA 2013 budget and what it brings to Alabama, Tony Bennett says its time to end the war on drugs, Doug Wead on Maddow, Anons take on, ACTA gets resistance from Germany, and the dangers of GM mosquitoes and drugs.

Stories in tonight’s show:

NASA 2013 budget request holds ‘steady funding’ for new heavy lift rocket

Singer Tony Bennett calls for legalizing drugs

Doug Wead on The Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC 2/10/12

Anonymous took down

Germany refuses to sign the ACTA anti-piracy treaty in wake of online protests

Genetically modified mosquitoes may soon be released in Florida

Genetically Engineered Generic Drugs to Be Unleashed Without Mandatory Testing

Greek lawmakers approve austerity bill as Athens burns


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