ATR News 4/5/12 Ron Paul draws massive crowds, IRS wants to stop you from traveling, and much more!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast April 5th, 2012

Tonight we’re back with a huge crowd (10,000+) at the latest Ron Paul event in California. Next a bill has passed the Senate that would allow the IRS to black people from traveling abroad who owe back taxes. Then we cover DHS contracting bullet-proof booths for highway checkpoints. Also, a new scheme is un-earthed, soldiers are caught drug-trafficking and gun smuggling, does Fast and Furious ever end?! Plus, a Greek man shoots himself in front of the Greek parliament in protest of the banker take over of his country. Finally we play a clip from the Infowars Nightly News where host Aron Dykes goes over the new data compound being built in Utah.

Stories in tonight’s show:

Presidential candidate Ron Paul addresses campaign platform to thousands at UCLA rally

Bill Allows IRS to Deny Americans Right to Travel

After Huge Ammo Buy, DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Booths

More Furious: U.S. Soldiers Trafficking Arms, Drugs to DEA Agents Posing as Los Zetas

Rebellion Spreads … EU Elites Have Miscalculated?

Obama’s NSA: Close to Knowing All About Us

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