ATR News 4/19/12 The red Cross calls for decriminalization, PLUS the rEVOLution can’t be stopped! ALSO Time for Alabamians to pressure the House for anti-Agenda21 bill!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast April 19th, 2012

Tonight JB blazes through the headlines. The red Cross has called for the decriminalization of drugs and policy reform, for humanitarian reasons! Ron Paul’s rEVOLution cannot be stopped, for the fires of Liberty have been lit in the minds of men, and Jack Hunter breaks this down. Lastly the Alabama Senate has passed the State’s first anti-Agenda 21 bill, its time We The People pressure the House!!

Stories in tonight’s show:

Red Cross calls for humanitarian drug policies that include decriminalization

rEVOLutionizing the Republican Party

Alabama Legislature Considering Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation


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