ATR News 4/12/12 Georgia tyrants cost local chicken farmer his life and China develops Cow-Human hybrids and MORE!

Alabama Truth Radio
Live Broadcast April 12th, 2012

On tonight’s show JB takes us through the headlines. First up we cover a wonderful write up from our friends at involving the true enemy and power structure. Next we cover the tragic story out of GA, where the local city officials harassed a man to death… literally, all just because of their “green” agenda(21)… Then we go over Netflix shoddy attempt to save grace with the public after forming a superPAC to support internet legislation. Finally we cover a horrifying story from China where a human-cow hybrid has been made… ready for Mad Human Disease?

Stories in tonight’s show:

Know Your Enemy

City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens

Netflix creates pro-SOPA super-PAC?

Scientists develop dairy version of human milk

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