Alabamians and Americans BETRAYED! List of AL Reps that voted YES on CISPA!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Last night Alabamians and Americans alike were betrayed by their so called “representatives.” The death of the Internet and the Fourth Amendment, aka CISPA was passed last night like most evil deeds, under the cover of darkness.  Following is a list of all the Alabama “representatives” that betrayed us all last night with their “AYE” vote on this monstrosity.


Jo Bonner
Alabama – District 1


Martha Roby
Alabama – District 2


Mike Rogers
Alabama – District 3

Robert Aderholt
Alabama – District 4

Spencer Bachus
Alabama – District 6

Please contact these betrayers and let them know that you will NOT be voting for them ever again. We need new faces, where are the true Americans? Where are the Patriots? These traders have to go! This proves they care not about you or your Freedom.


  1. I didn’t vote for that woman in 2010 and I will never vote for her again. I wish to hell Bobby Bright would give her another challenge. He is miles better than that woman. I am ashamed to be in a district full of stupid naive neocons.

  2. Martha, I worked hard fir you, I will not forget this.

  3. All of them should be wearing “Telephone Remote Controlled Dog Shock Collars for Politicians”!!!!!!!

    All of them could star in the movie “Liar Liar”!!!!!!

    All of you have lost my vote!!!!!!!!!

  4. I believe the Government will use this to help stop hackers and maintain cyber security like I believe “UnderDog” will save me!!!!! It’s just another way for government to infiltrate the privacy of the American Citizen so they can gain knowledge of your personal actions and private life. I am sure some kind of Internet “TAX” awaits the process too!! As I recall some of my TV show reviews, the Nazi’s started out the same way before WWII. If the government would do a better job at simple deportations and stopping illegals from entering the country to start with, some of this crap would stop! Just the mere fact that we have been “housing” terrorist felons for 10 years and at millions of dollars in cost is freaking ridiculous!! It like getting stung by a Yellow Jacket! I know he stung me because it is painful. It swelled up. I removed the stinger as evidence. I stomped the Yellow Jacket and didn’t wait 10 years to do it!! My GOD this country is so screwed up!!!

  5. It would be nice to see a Representative setting in congress that looked like “plain Joe”! No suits, casual clothes, work attire, etc. You know “Billy Wayne” the mechanic setting there with a sewn on name tag mechanic’s uniform…..Uncle Bob – the farmer in overalls……a housewife in her house cleaning clothes……you get the picture. I am tired of all the prettiness!!!! It is usually associated with a past failure, a failure in progress, and a future failure, etc!! You never buy a car in the 100 degree summer from a used car salesman that is smiling, smoking a cigar and wearing a double knit suit. He is already trying to make you believe it is winter!

  6. Rogers probably wasn’t told not to vote against this…he isn’t very bright

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