Alabama, Where You Can Be Jailed For Being Too Poor…

A special report highlights the growing disparity in America, and the issues many are having in keeping up with payments, which can even lead to incarceration for failure to pay – in spite of constitutional protections.

Thanks in part to the growing trend of private collection agencies – including those who service fines and penalties assessed by government agencies – the inability or failure to pay debts is resulting in arrest warrants, mounting costs and, yes, jail time.


  1. I know someone who went to jail for a month for failure to comply … They had a tint ticket they didn’t pay and had moved so the notice for court didn’t get to them.

  2. There is a difference between a “debt to repay for services or tangible merchandise that “you agreed” to pay for and subsequently can not pay. A fine is a “penalty” for breaking the law. These are not the same. People in this country need to find some responsibility and grow some integrity. If you truly can not afford to pay a fine any court will extend a repayment plan. If you do not show up to court you should go to jail. Irresponsible and greedy people with an entitlement attitude is the very problem in this country………………………..

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