3 New Additions to our Livestream Channel!

Alabama Truth Television

Tonight we are proud to announce three new additions to our Livestream channel Alabama Truth Television!

First we have a very disturbing Science briefing, supposedly at the Pentagon, detailing a new virus that can be used to eliminate the genes and brain functions that control “religious fanaticism.” (Which just so happens to be the same parts of the brain in control of will, desire, and passion) They even go into detail about the most effective ways of administration: respiratory…

Due to Youtube’s notoriety on banning videos, we felt it useful to mirror this video on our channel. In this clip you see Bill Gates’ real view on population control and global warming and his vision on the future.

Finally we had added a new short film by Sean Stone, Alex Jones, and the Infowars Team: Obama Impeachment 2012. In this short ten minute report Sean Stone outlines the crimes of the Obama administration and the terms upon which impeachment could be set.

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